La Canela

La Canela
141 Gibbs St
Ste D
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 251-1550

Tried this place for dinner. Have tried Peruvian food before so I knew what to expect.

Apps :
Ceviche – spicy with a hint of chilly flakes, crunchy corn and fresh corn . Not the best ceviche I’ve had , the one down in las canterras in admo is better.
Yuraquitas – soft yuca croquettes filled with crab meat served with a spiced aioli.
Sweetbread fritters – really nice , was my first time having sweetbread fritters . They were served with fried taro slivers and raddish.

Pisco sour punch , passion pisco
Passion mojito was unique in that it was made with some ginger beer.
The chichamorada was very interesting , purple corn. More like a atol de elote without the heaviness from the cream.

Arroz con pato – the pato (duck) was amazing , crisp , cooked perfectly , the skin was a tad bit salty though. The arroz was ok. Could be more moist. Again the one at las canterras was better.
Cordero – the lamb shank was braised nicely (they say for 10 hours, I believe them). It was served on a bed of Lima bean purée and served with a side of rice.

All this for ~30$/PP with plenty of left overs.



Braised Lamb Shank

SweetBread Fritters

Arroz Con Pato



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