Unique dining experience @hogodc! Crispy #goat with goat milk cheese, sesame fried chicken with spiced honey glaze & crumbly fat crystals that melt into ur pho! #dceats #dcfoodie with a big volcano bowl! #barfood

#DCFoodie #DCFood #DCRestaurants #BandookDCEats on March 17, 2013 at 02:29PM http://instagr.am/p/W9_6TdgmXX/

Tried everything on the Menu. Hogo is a concept restaurant/bar where a local chef gets to take over the restaurant and offer small plates focusing on their cuisine.

The crispy goat was crusty served on top of goat cheese. The texture was nice but the dish was lacking in flavor. The pho was a unique with the server adding fat crystals into the pho bowl and then topping that with hot broth which melts the crystals. Having had a lot of pho , this was definitely a unique experience. The foie gras french toast was nice , contained very little foie gras and was overdone and overpowered by the cinnamon in the toast. The sesame crusted fried chicken was served with a local honey and a chefs special hot sauce.


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