#dcfoodie #dceats #mdsuburbs #rockvillemd la canela , avocado and lump crab taro compilation, corvina fillet (closest I’ve come to #bombil #Bombayduck ) with seafood mixto in a #aji sauce. #peru #Peruvian

#DCFoodie #DCFood #DCRestaurants #BandookDCEats on May 24, 2013 at 11:27AM http://instagram.com/p/ZsxHq2gmWr/

Been to La Canela before, its a neighborhood gem tucked away in a corner of Rockville Town Center.

The choices of appetizers are nice. On a previous occasion I’d tried the crab croquettes and the papa ala huancina , this time around I tried the jumbo lump crab meat with avocado and taro shreds ( seasonal and not on the menu ). On occasions the appetizers could’ve used a tad bit more seasoning , but still felt pretty satisfying.

Of the main courses I’ve tried the lomo saltado , the cordero , the arroz con pato and the fried corvina. The cordero being my favorite of them all ! The huge lamb shank comes up on a buttery puree. Well seasoned and slow cooked , this dish is excellent on its own , even better when combined with a pisco sour ( the acidity of the pisco cuts through the buttery richness of the lamb shank ). The shank is self is huge | dark brown | fork tender ! A must Try !

The pato was a bit salty with dry meat on the inside, possibly out of seasoning the skin and no seasoning inside. Also its not cooked with the rice but fried separately.

The corvina fillet was beautifully done. Soft fish , golden on the outside topped with a seafood mix all tossed up with some aji sauce . This is served up with jasmine rice which I did not have but I’m guessing can be used to soup up the remaining sauce.

The lomo saltado is nothing worth writing home about, but then I’m not a big fan of it either. I for one refuse to believe its as popular in Peru as it is in the states ! but then I could be wrong.


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