B Too’s Funky Belgian fare

B Too | Chef Bart Vandaele.

  • Terrine van Ganzenlever ($16). This foie gras terrine is sweet yet savory and light yet decadent. It may go without saying but the foie gras lollypop is the VIP here.  Because it’s a lollypop made of foie gras. The smooth, buttery texture is so rich and a perfect match to the faint sweetness of the pears.
  • Kikkerbilletjes Greta en Werner ($9.50). These frog legs are fabulous. They are tender, juicy and delicately breaded and fried, giving them a great crunch. The tomato, cream and garlic comes together like a flavorful marinara, a comforting accompaniment to this hot app.
  • Oh hey there, you luscious lobsta sitting pretty in my bowl of mussels. These Brussels Mussels($25) are plump and the sauce of lobster, bisque, tomato and cognac is full of richness, ideal for frite-dipping!
  • The Filet van Hertenkalf ($25) is a lovely choice if you don’t want an entrée that’s too heavy. The couscous is able to take on the tartness of the raspberries and parsnips and adds lightness to the venison filet. So many flavors come together on the plate, your mouth will be so happy.
  • Chocolate “Eden”: moelleux (think chocolate Belgian pancake), ice cream, mousse, flan, sauce, crumble ($10). All chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Nom, nom, nom.

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