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#dceats #dcfoodie this was dangerously and ridiculously delicious! At the namesake dangerously delicious pies in atlas corridor ( #hstdc ) having a mobtown Brown.

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The Best Chinese Dishes in (but Mostly Around) D.C.: DCist

The Best Chinese Dishes in (but Mostly Around) D.C.: DCist.

Post mentions some of DC’s (mostly MOCO’s)  finest chinese places 🙂

Oriental East

Hollywood East

Sichuan Jin River

China Bistro

Although I prefer the Uncle Liu’s hot pot to Mala Tang’s version !

Bob’s Noodle 66 also in MOCO-Rockville (not on the list here) just made Tyler Cohens goto for shagianese soup dumplings ! :

On the Lamb: A Look at The Citys Unique Lamb Dishes – Eater Maps – Eater DC

On the Lamb: A Look at The Citys Unique Lamb Dishes – Eater Maps – Eater DC.

To Try:

1. thin sliced greek Lamb Sandwiches @ Sundevich

2. Mughuz Masala @ Ravi Kabab ( the competing bheja masala on thursdays @Kabab Palace is really nice , this has to be equal or better to get a good review 🙂 )

3. Lamb Tongue Moussaka @Mintwood Place – This place deserves its very own blog post but since this post features lamb only …

4. Lamb Sausage Roll – Border Springs Farm @Union Market – Also features Lamb Sheperds Pie & Lamb croq’s 🙂

Eater Guides: An Eater Guide to Dining in Wheaton by Eater Staff

Ren’s Ramen [Photo: Yelp]

When hungry, on a budget and looking for authentic international food, there are plenty of options to satisfy a craving in DC, but for a unique experience in both food and culture, sometimes it’s necessary to leave the city behind and head to the ‘burbs.

Surprisingly, some of DC’s best international dining is actually in the suburbs. Here you will find a mix of ethnic communities where the food is vibrant and varied. And, the final check won’t set you back all too much. Case in point, take Wheaton, Maryland.

Where’s Wheaton? It’s five miles north of DC — that second to last stop on the red line (the one with the ridiculously long escalator) and it’s a neighborhood strewn together by small businesses, many serving cheap, authentic and simple food.

Walk a few blocks and there’s a plethora of pupusas, dim sum, salteñas, ramen, gyros, cannolis, haggis, and sushi. Wheaton is a haven for the adventurous diner. Bonus points for those who try the marinated cuttlefish or shredded jellyfish at Hollywood East Cafe.

Here’s a tour of some of the best the neighborhood has to offer.
—Tim Ebner

Click here to view the map.

via Eater DC